By Vince Giuliano

Posted December 17, 2019


This blog entry suggests that intentionality acts like a physical field like electromagnetism, citing various physicists who have argued this point.  It is intended to be supportive of my thesis that Intentional Reality Creation (IRC) operates through mechanisms very similar to if not identical with the mechanisms of quantum physics.  This is as characterized in my treatise ON BEING AND CREATION.

The roles human consciousness and intentionality play in quantum physics have been debated since the first principles of quantum physics were laid out nearly 100 years ago.  For example,  Niels Bohr struggled with the meaning and role of intentionality, as discussed in the 2007  book Halfway:  Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning.  Passing to the field of biology, there is a different way to look at intentionality.  There are within organisms or every level of complexity multiple hormetic signaling feedback mechanisms.  These are needed to main homeostasis, operability and survival of an organism in the presence of changing environmental conditions.  One form of such signaling in humans is via conscious intentions, intentions which are verbalized statements of what a human would like to see develop, happen or become manifest..

I also believe human-level consciousness is not necessary for expression of intentionality.   In a human there can be  preconscious or unconscious intentions which can take the form of neurological or other signaling in the interest of survival or wellbeing of an individual member.  Further, I susbmit that every living species is interested deeply in its survival, has expressed its own form of intentions for survival, and has evolved strategies for survival.  These conditions are requisites for a species to still exist.  Such intentions, I surmise, could have contributed to the evolution of species and even possibly to the evolution of the universe itself.  I plan to explore this thesis in a future blog entry, for now sticking to consciously verbalized human  intentions.

I have suggested that conscious intentions can be propagated by quantum waves that cross space and time and influence matter in such a way that they can influence events and what exists.  That is the central thesis propounded in the On Being and Creation document.

I have suggested that a conscious intention acts like a quantum operator.

Some properties of conscious intentions:

  • They deal with the domain of macroscopic “normal” reality, with what we want to show up in our day-to=day normal reality, not with intended quantum-level phenomena.
  • Therefore I take it, they deal with incoherent systems, not matters like coherent light beams or superconducting fluids.
  • They deal with matters in which the normal rules of cause-and-effect are applicable, as a characteristic of normal reality.
  • They are mostly intentions a-symmetric in time, dealing with how situations are intended to be in the in the future rather than how they have been in the past. (This despite the fact that an intention may work by retrocausality to create past conditions necessary for the intended creation to be seen eventually as the result of normal causality.)  I am preparing a separate blog entry on retrocausality.
  • Satisfaction of such an intention results in local decreases of entropy (more organization), at the expense of larger-systems increase in entropy (according to the Second Law of thermodynamics).
  • Since time itself may be defined by the increase of entropy of larger systems, intentions themselves may play a role in defining time and the difference between past and future.

By the laws of normal and classical physical reality, intentions not acted on would have no effects.  (Do nothing, and nothing happens).  Personal experiences of successful intentional reality creation – too many of them to be explicable by chance – led me to come to the unlikely set of ideas I am promulgating here.  So I am suggesting that the explanation lies elsewhere, where it still can be completely objective and scientific.  The history of science provides many prior examples where this has been the case.  Most laws of chemistry and chemical properties of matter depend on electromagnetic field considerations having to do with electron orbits.  Yet, prior to Maxwell’s identification and elucidation of electromagnetic fields in 1892, there was no scientific basis for magnetism, let alone chemistry.   Think of what a mystery an electromagnetic field was at first(ref).  We know electromagnetism now it by what it does and by its properties, now described as a quantum field, the most fundamental thing it is made out of.  Although it effects are manifest everywhere, its actual nature is not directly manifest to our senses and was unknown in most of the history of humanity. The electron itself was not identified until 1897.  Most of us now believe they exist though we can never see, feel, hear or smell one.

I am suggesting the possibility that intentionality acts like a fundamental physical field, like those for gravitation, electromagnetism, the Weak Force and the Strong Force. These fields seem to have important spatio-temporal differences and differences with respect to effects on matter. (I am taking a classical view of these fields for now.  Later I will expand the discussion to consider quantum fields, thought by many physicists the only things existing in the universe.)

We know fields by what they do and their observable properties.  And by the formulae that appear to govern them.  That is all.  We can write out formulas for how these fields devolve in time and interact with matter.  But there is no way we can ground our knowledge of these fields in concepts of our ordinary animal reality.   I am comfortable with the concept that gravity is due to curvature of space itself due to the presence of matter, and that matter itself is a relatively static aspect of energy.  But for a dog or caterpillar of deer or young child, such conceptions make no sense.

Fields characterize how underlying not-observable and quite incredible complex realities translate into the normal reality of our senses and cause-and-effect we function in.  Intentionality as a field does the same.

The 4 fundamental classical fields of physics correspond, we think with particles, although not all (eg. The gravitron) have been directly observed.

An intention seems to be originated at an instance in time, but once created can have influence on both past and future events.  (Cramer Theory) Even though the results of the intention are projected to be in the future.

  • Question: what systematic experiments could confirm or discredit the existence of intentionality as a field?
  • Question: how do Intentions devolve and work in time? How do they interact with matter?
  • Question: what would the nature of a particle associated with intentionality be – The Intenton? What experiments could we create to identify an Intention in action?

Some suggestive art

What could the field of intentionality look like if we could envision it?  I obviously don’t know, but here are a few suggestive images  from my personal Artkoukou collection:

Physicists pursuing quantum intentionality effects

Less you think I am uniquely nuts with these ideas, I point out that there are a number of serious scientists pursuing similar and closely related concepts related to quantum intentionality.  A list of references is included below.  Many but not all of these papers require backgrounds in mathematics or quantum theory to follow them.

One with a readable introduction is the 2015 document New Issue to Modeling Intentionality in the Field of Consciousness, with abstract “–The issue now emerging is a new conception of intentionality based on phenomenological, neurobiological and quantum theories, such as: 1) the notion of “intentional arc” proposed in the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty; 2) the neurobiological and quantum model of Freeman, in which self-organizing pathways are accompanied by quantum transitions in controlling intentionality in brain; 3) the recent hypothesis that some visuo-motor neurons would be involved in controlling these self-organized pathways; 4) the quantum models of Vitiello and Globus, in which a thermofield (dissipative) system governs the dynamic dialog of dual quantum modes between environment and brain. Based on this conception of mind-world interactions, it implicitly appears that intentionality might be a fundamental force which draws us irreversibly towards the future. An alternative hypothesis based on this promising proposal is argued.” 

Another example, if you are a mathematical physicist you could read Quantum Intentionality and Determination of Realities in the Space-Time Through Path Integrals and Their Integral Transforms. This article discusses intentionality as a physical field, in the same sense as this blog entry does.  “In the universe three fundamental realities exist inside our perception, which share messages and quantum processes: the physical, energy and mental reality. These realities happen at all times and they are around us like part of our existence spending one to other one across organised transformations which realise a linking field – energy-matter across the concept of conscience of a field on the interpretation of the matter and space to create a reality non-temporal that only depends on the nature of the field, for example, the gravitational field is a reality in the space – time that generates a curved space for the presence of masses. At macroscopic level and according to the Einsteinian models the time is a flexible band that acts in form parallel to the space. Nevertheless, studying the field at microscopic level dominated by particles that produce gravity, the time is an intrinsic part of the space (there is no distinction between one and other), since the particles contain a rotation concept (called spin) that is intrinsic to the same particles that produce gravity from quantum level [1].Then the gravitational field between such particles is an always present reality and therefore non-temporal. — The time at quantum level is the distance between cause and effect,  but the effect (gravitational spin) is contained in the proper particle that is their cause on having been interrelated with other particles and in the proper particle that is their cause on having been interrelated with other particles and vice versa the effect contains the cause since the particle changed their direction [1].  Then the action of any field that is wished transforms their surrounding reality which must spill through the component particles of the space – time, their nature and to transmit it in organised form, which is legal, because the field is invariant under movements of the proper space, and in every particle there sublies a part of the field through their spinor.  Then the gravitational field between such particles is an always present reality and therefore non-temporal.”

If you have the time and patience there is a relevant book Quantum Physics Meets the Philosophy of Mind.  “The key insight that will be defended here that quantum mechanics might give us some help in understanding how intentionality is rooted in physical reality, because quantum mechanuics suggests that there is some form of representation and physical processing built into the very fabric of the universe.”

Another interesting publication is Mathematical Nanotechnology: Quantum Field Intentionality.  “Considering the finite actions of a field on the matter and the space which used to infiltrate their quantum reality at level particle, methods are developed to serve to base the concept of “intentional action” of a field and their ordered and supported effects (synergy) that must be realized for the “organized transformation” of the space and matter. Using path integrals, these transformations are decoded and their quantum principles are shown.”  The body of this paper treats intentionality as a field and provides a highly mathematical model of how it operates.

It is not that all strange for quantum physicists to think of intentionality as a fundamental physical field like gravity or electromagnetism or the weak or strong or electromagnetic forces.  They have gotten used to the idea of physical fields for well over a century now.  The layperson watching a thriller in front of his gigantic TV does not want to leave the fuzzy comfort zone of normal reality.  He does not want to stop to think that he is held down in his recliner chair by an invisible gravitational field, that the TV program is brought to him by invisible fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, and that he is held together by the strong force field.


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